Used & Refurbished Balancers For Sale

Below are some of the used and refurbished balancing machines for sale, please contact us for the full inventory.

We offer a dependable alternative for companies with a limited budget. We always ensure safe, reliable operation for all of our refurbished dynamic balancers and maintain our dedication to balancing machines that are intuitive and easy to operate. We work with a wide variety of manufacturers and maintain a constantly rotating inventory of used and refurbished vertical and horizontal balancing machines. We can also retrofit your old balancer.

Hofmann 23.1 5000 lb. balancer Hofmann 23.1 5000 lb. Balancer
Hofmann 23.1 5000 lb. Balancer

Weight Capacity: 5000 Lb. 
Maximum Diameter: 48"
Bed Length: 204" 
Maximum Length: 164" 
Minimum Length: 8" 
Sensitivity: 0.05
Speed Range: 100-2000 RPM
Electrical Required: 480 Volt 3 Ph.
Drive Motor: 10 HP, 1160 RPM
Machine Dimensions: 204" x 36"
Shipping Weight: 8000 lb.
Computer Hardware: Hofmann Polar Graphics

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Don't Scrap Your Balancer!

Spare the scrap yard and give new life to your old balancing machines. We can rebuild and retrofit almost any old balancer out there! Before you send your old balance machines out for scrap, contact us and we’ll see if we can reclaim it instead.
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